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OCG Solutions Pest Control is your trusted providers of effective pest control around the surrounding suburbs of Gregory Hills. Unwanted pests can arise at any time, that’s why we cater to homes as well as commercial properties, providing our clients with a fast, effective and affordable solution. With years of experience under our belt, we have developed excellent techniques to ensure a pest free space. We provide solutions and advice to prevent all different types of infestations.

As one of western Sydney’s top pest control businesses, we guarantee first class service that caters to your busy lifestyle. Our business is fully licensed and insured, so you can relax, knowing your job is being handled by professionals. Furthermore, we provide our customers with a service warranty on our applications.

Our highly trained technicians use equipment and products that are ultra-modern and effective. When you call Gregory Hills Pest Control, you are not only protecting your family from pest infestation, but also making sure they’re protected from dangerous chemicals.

You want your home or business to be a safe and comfortable setting, but not for pests! OCG Solutions Pest Control is known for its expertise and professional service around Gregory Hills. Your pest problems will be solved by our professionally trained staff, who arrive on time, every time. We aim to provide accurate quotes, with no hidden costs or extra fees.

Rodent Removal Gregory Hills

For mortgage holders, rodent control can be a major issue. Rodents mainly refers to rats and mice, which can exchange infections and cause basic harm. They are known for their sharp front teeth that are used to bite their way through boundaries. Rodents cause millions of dollars in harm every year. The most ideal approach to keep rodents from entering your home. Rat sealing your house is the first step to a multi-step approach. By completing an assessment of your home, checking for different openings, breaks etc. Metal boards at the base of wooden entryways or windows can keep rodents from getting through.

Termite Prevention & Treatment Gregory Hills

Many Sydney homes and business properties are subjective to termite invasion. Timetable a termite review and let OCG Solutions stop termite invasion from occurring in your Gregory Hills home. Our expert termite exterminators provide the correct termite treatment and stop termites from harming your property. Don’t wait for termites to start damaging your property, call Gregory Hills team now and save money on repair costs. Termite’s diet mainly consists of wood, which endangers the structure of your home. A termite invasions can ruin the entire structure of the house if it’s not treated in time.

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