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OCG Solutions is rapidly growing into one of Denham Court’s elite pest removal businesses. It is best known for provided quick and efficient pest removal services for the surrounding suburbs around Denham Court, including Leppington, Raby and Campbelltown. With years of experience, we provide our customers with superior and quality services.

Our qualified technicians use eco-friendly chemicals, which accommodate to your safety needs. If you are looking for quality pest control around Denham Court, we are happy to provide you with excellent and efficient service that is unbeatable.

With constant dedication to customer service and commitment to quality, our Denham Court Pest Control team strives to provide you with the best service possible. With expertise in both residential and commercial buildings, we are able to identify the problem and provide a solution instantly.

General Pest Conntrol Denham Court

Pests usually arise and vary depending on the season and location. Dry weather brings forward waves of rats and mice, looking for food and shelter. On the other hand, wet weather bring different types of spiders and insects, who like to breed and nest in the moisture. Certain situations can be handled by over-the-counter sprays and traps. However, termites, rats and other destructive pests can hide their presence until it is too late to prevent the damage. Contact our Denham Court Pest Control team for a free consultation and inspection. Our highly trained professionals bring high tech equipment to inspect your property, allowing you to relax, knowing your home is being protected in safe and environmental friendly way.

Office Pest Control Solutions Denham Court

Ensuring your staff have a clean office and workplace is essential. Although the number of pests in your home is identical to the ones found in an office, pests that are found in office spaces are usually more difficult to treat. When treated office pests, there is a number of things that need to be taken into account. It doesn’t matter what floor you are on, pests can infest even if it is on the top floor of a multi-level building. When dealing with offices in Denham Court, it can be difficult to treat as most offices function all day and night. Unfortunately with offices, spraying the insecticide all over the place is not an option.

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